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BreakawayAM donations

BreakawayAm Thanks You! Even with any generosity of the Breakaway community we are still under our initial goal to the amount of $10,237.15!! These donations will go toward bandwidth and server bills for this month. Thank you to all who donated so far, your support has been greatly appreciated in this challenging time. It has meant a lot for us to see what BreakawayAm means to each and every one of you. Being that we are a small operation working to survive in a struggling economy, having such a supportive community to help keep us on the air has really meant the world to us! We are continuing to work diligently to keep BreakawayAM alive by seeking new sources of revenue to cover our monthly expenses, and until we can meet these expenses, we still need your support. Please continue to support BreakawayAm, with a PayPal donation, while we work to get things back on track! Thank you! Dale, Murlene, The Soaker House As always, thank you for listening!

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