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The Digital Prophet Project
Event Generator
The Event

User booklet for Event Generator
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  • Foxfire doesn't work with this generator. It's up to you to do the research with what revealing word you have been given here. Is this for you?
  • Is it about world events? Persons,places or things.
  • The internet is full of research topics in helping to narrow down the best word here.
  • Feel free to cut and paste and use the best methods gifted to you to conclude your revealing word.
  • Maybe use scientific method to draw conclusions.
  • Biblical numbers to reveal whats behind the vial.
  • Write a thesis on your conclusions.
  • Write a book on generated topics.
  • Updates in wording are every month as this generator becomes more user friendly.
  • Our webcrawler has been sent out so check back with updates soon.
  • Remember everything here is in code our book helps uncode some methods. Updated Spiders Crawls 08/06/17 words,text,scripts and codes updated.
  • Manna for the Moment
    New Bible Verses