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Community Services

I'm a Patriot first of all that will do local Montana Safety Checks in Unit, for safety checks of Ranches,Farms, Business or Homes. Also the elderly who need someone to check up on them. Or disabled persons. Unofficial neighborhood watchers. Contact us anytime to watch your property. Suggested price for eight hour jobs is $15.00 an hour to cover gas and equipment. As volunteers we negotiate any donations received. I do missing persons searches anywhere in Montana or the greater USA. Currently working sub-contract with D.O.T safety checks of road side parks. As the president I have 25 years security experience including MP unit police for the US Army. Has references from Whatcom Security in Washington State and Sentry Security of St Louis Mo. I will be the local Sheriff in any small town of Montana if you don't have local law enforcement. If you do and you feel it still doesn't do the whole job a unit will patrol your premises for a monthly fee. Thank You

Other Services

  • Station Manager for all things listed here may included in announcements.
  • Bounty Hunter for Missing persons alert
  • Researcher
  • Amber Alert Monitor
  • Iwittnesse Unit 1
  • Artist
  • Photographic Artist
  • Lock Smith w/tools
  • Apartment/House mover
  • Music writer
  • Songwriter
  • Food Bank Delivery (home delivery services)
  • Freelance writer.
  • Published Author
  • Self Published Author
  • Pubic Speaking Religious/Non (Anywhere in US and Canada)

    These are only some of my services to local areas in Montana and greater USA.

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