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Revivalist Dale Calhoun
  • Soaker uses Humor and Parody melody's in some of his songs plus writing his own material. And teaches on soaking prayer and soaking worship. Wrote the book "the Fountain" teaches on how to write music under the anointing of the Spirit helping worship teams and leaders to create their own worship music for their venue of believers. Does theater acting, drama readings, mini skits.
  • The Soaker: here is some information about his ministry. I've been involved in ministry for 24 years as an Evangelist, Pastor, Licensed PHC Missionary,Completing Borean course of studies, I have been an Intern Pastor for two Assembly of God churchs, Four Square rebuild church plant for 3 years. Evangelism is my passion threw missionary work, music, and spoken word. I donate and Support a Pastor in Ghana Africa. I teach threw ministry in Soaking Prayer, spoken word, drama and Music. Have my own music tracks and Cd's I use to minister threw the prophetic word. I'll minister at any Church needing a revivalist or a guest speaker or music for events. I'm not restricted with AG churches and a member of the local AG church threw relationship ministry as a covering reference. My music name is Soaker I use modern christian music "solid as a rock" Featured on a Fm Radio in Seattle, Podcast show, and BreakawayAM music rotation. I have produced productions for Kingsdale, and Out of Chaos feature on for several years. I teach new worship teams and bands wrote a self published book featured on Contact me for booking by email I will give my phone number only to serious interested party's. Call ministry hotline 406-380-2918 And I will reply with our contact info about our FREE concerts.

    Suggested Cost for a Soaker Concert is


    $150 per hour

    Youth Meetings

    $100 per hour

    Group Meeting, Such as theater,drama, acting.


    $50 Per Sermon,Lecture,Spoken Word,Activations,Djing, music concerts, outreaches, arts and crafts, theater and drama, Skits and drama readings.

    Includes rental equipment and training soaker prayer, music teams,drama groups,acting theater, e-mail or call for your needs and price difference's. All meetings are FREE I always take love offerings if the above suggestions do not apply. The amount and how many people are in attendance makes no difference. We go where ever there is a need of Ministry and Healing. Exceptions are distance of travel from outside Montana and if the request is overseas. Covering Travel expenses.

    Come visit Soakers store on CafePress!