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Our Missions Trip

Update News for this website: Even with any generosity of the Breakaway community we are still under our initial goal to the amount of $10,000!! These donations will go toward our missions trip to Ghana Accra Africa for Revivalist meetings with Kofi Obeng also it helps with bandwidth and server bills for this month. Thank you to all who donated so far, your support has been greatly appreciated in this challenging time. It has meant a lot for us to see what BreakawayAm means to 123 countrys around the world and every one of you. Being that we are a small operation working to survive in a struggling economy, having such a supportive community to help keeps us on the bandwidth has really meant the world to us! We are continuing to work diligently to keep BreakawayAM alive by seeking new sources of revenue to cover our monthly expenses, and until we can meet these expenses, we still need your support. Please continue to support BreakawayAm, with a PayPal donation, while we work to get things on track 24/7. See our new link about our Africa mission trip coming soon when the expenses will be meant. With a 10000 listening base from our podcast show alone. References to these facts can be documented.

In 1995 Rev Calhoun was about to be voted into a Church of God community church of Fisk Missouri. Making plans to go to Ghana Accura Africa to visit Rev Kofi Akutuah Obeng and his LeBm church and preach and maybe help with plans with Church plant and a Hospital and Orphanage vision. Tragedy happened at his job in Dexter Missouri while working for Hudson Foods was stuck in a ice auger in the plant on December 19th 1995. Losing his right leg below the knee and a crushed left foot this Tragedy blew everything out of the water. Rev Calhoun had to give up his ministry temporary until this hoarded injury would be healed. Rev Calhoun ahead and sent a box of books to Kofi for his LEBM library and some over the counter medical type supply's and some financial support. He frothed the ministry over to a good friend who became the head pastor of the Church of God he had been trying out for. Everything from 1995 has been correspondence by mail or email and now social networking. Rev Calhoun was sold out by his attorney who he had trusted by convincing him closing his workman's comp case. His settlement was small and lasted two years what he had left of the settlement is still in a retirement IRA but with the stock crash after 2001 he has struggled to get back to the original Amount. That's why we are asking for donations to complete this vision to bring revival to Ghana Africa and to help amputees like Pozo who was featured on the Oprah Winphery show. It has taken 15 years or more to get everything fixed and proper fitting of his Artificial leg. Rev Calhoun has personally put over 18000 dollars into financing his own recovery and paying off loans just to survive in these economic times. With very little help from his industrialist family who he had put a lot of money into his trips to visit his late step-mother in Washington State. Including living back in his home town for five years, moving back to Montana where he resides in his own home to this day. He has trusted God with a whole hearted belief that the Spirit of God would guide him. (Come back for updates of this story.With Pictures and Sound bytes from Rev Kofi)