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(Local Harlo Outreach) Starting after the first Sunday of every month The Soakers House is starting a outreach called (The Outpouring) it could be at the physical address of the Soakers House or another location. This is time of spontaneous music and ministry for teens to adults we ask everyone to bring your instruments as we worship in spontaneous music and utterances from the spoken word threw music and prophetic word.(Open Mic) Its not driven by numbers so if you ask us when is the next meeting? It could be at your place of choice and its a small gathering or larger gathering the thing is we wont to honor God. Chances are if its just one on one then its a time of healing and blessing for you. As we honor God together. Places for the gathering to meet; Local Parks, down by the river, coffee house, middle of town, rented building, homes, church building. Accordingly to the season of the Year. (At this time a women's meeting is in progress.)email for location or ask my wife

Approx:Daily Random Internet radio Schedule,