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Buy Second Life Linden Dollars

As well as making it safe, fast, convenient and very easy to use,Paypal makes things even better to purchase currency you want to use to pay for your Linden dollars for Its simple just click the button and Paypal will process the order. You should get your Lindens from Avatar Uriah Whelan no less then an hour. In case of secondlife or paypal issues it could be longer. Please allow 12 hour in Sim down time issues. Contact Uriah Whelan inworld right now. Allow a 8 hours if offline.

Welcome to our ATM

Click Paypal button below to begin the process

Website updates coming soon including SL rate of exchange and various links. Thank you for using our services. Thank You for using our ATM when you purchase Lindens, deposits must be $25. A one time Charge L$494 will be taken this is virtual money not USD. Request our inworld ATMs for your land to receive 10% Commission ATM please contact Duncan Mckinney to make a special ATM that will be built for you. All deposits are treated as Donations if you need any form for your income taxe's please contact usTY

    Our Charge Break Down
      Pay 20 USD for Lindens
        You Get L$ 4446
          After a L$494 Charge
            Could change according to SL rate of Exchange.