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Life Line by Breakaway Thunders Podcast

Updates added monthly by web master, Sorry no live Host available right now. These are the most asked questions on the web generated by people and Ai research. The questions are researched by our Founders & web masters. Our Disclaimer: The Answer Ai is being updated to include 1000 most common questions a human being could ask in a life Time. While it is designed for entertainment, for some it will prove a quick reference point for the still small voice in your heart your second mind. Never take this as your final answer to life's problems always seek professional help. Click button until the best thought fits you 3-7 limit with best two out of three answer. Follow the prompts for more answers. Rate yourself 1-5 Five is the best. Pray about the above generated daily Bible Verse proclaim it! Write it down if it fits your situation and pray it into existence. Thank you for visiting this Musicians Website. Disclaimer to be continued... Random Prophetic Word

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Dale Calhoun LLC


Dale is singer/songwriter and will do songwriter for hire work for anyone who needs help in producing there own music. Open Door concerts from 2020 to 2024 where ever the doors open to speak, sing, pray, God's will be done. Ascap member 1606880 Producer, Engineer, Singer/Songwriter

Latest Album

Dale's Music Feature 2020 Album "Just About Around Midnight" Newest Spiritual connection album dealing with our present pendemic of 2020*Featured Song "*My Broken Heart*"Click this link for Album review

Podcast Player"

Stay at Home Podcasting show from my studio continues until we have an all clear latest news about my music on podcast show click here for Live as it Gets Dale Calhoun LLC ***Chick out my podcast link here for latest Music produced in my studio.***.

2020 Web-album "My Baby Sop"